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Thread: Need some money

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    Need some money

    So I have been very bust with school for the last many months almost and have just seen these cards sit around, I didn't want to sell them but now I could use some money. E-transfers or paypal please. If interested in any please drop me a message and we can discuss prices, thanks.
    *If you want a price on something in my Daugvins PC let me know I might want to sell some of those*

    No scans at the moment but can get one.
    ultimate debut threads /50 joe colborne
    11-12 team marks magnus paajarvi *E* 31/50
    nick spaling luxury suite rookie auto gold 06/10
    10-11 artifacts trios patch alfredsson foligno kovalev 15/15 *corner damage*

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    I will take a price on the Martin St. Louis and the colborne

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