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Thread: A sad day in sports...

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    Michael Jordon vs the correct way of spelling Michael Jordan

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    yea what are u talking about all the names looked right

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    obviously a couple of you can't spell his name either. its Jordan not Jordon

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    LOL...on top of the misspelling, here's a mass-produced 1992-93 Topps subset with a BIN of $20:

    Some people have really lost touch with the hobby. They see it's MJ and they see "All-Star" and think it must be worth a load.

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    wow i didnt even notice the a, wow how could i miss that

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    I pick more cards up that way too. I was collecting Johnnie morton when he was with Detroit I picked his best cards up under the name Johnny morton...

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    I got even better ways to pick up every card on ebay that is underpriced and forgotten, but I can't tell because then what's the purpose of knowing when everyone knows.

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