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    Peyton Manning Contenders Auto Grade Is In

    Sold off all of my Manning Contenders except this one. Just got the news on the grade. I think they hit the auto a bit harsh, but happy overall. 8.5 is a VERY tough grade to get on this condition sensitive set.

    Set Name : 1998 Playoff Contenders Ticket
    Player Name : Pey.Manning AU/200*
    Date Graded : Monday, February 04, 2013
    Centering Grade : 8.5
    Corner Grade : 8.0
    Edges Grade : 8.5
    Surfaces Grade : 9.0
    Autograph Grade : 8.0
    Final Grade : 8.5

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    8 - 8.5 would seem reasonable on the autograph. Looks as if what ever he was signing with was nearing the end of it's lifespan, but an 8.5 final grade still commands a small premium.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Thanks for the input, Robert. Clearly there's some streaking, but the boldness is better than almost all Contenders Mannings I've owned. As for the premium, 8.5 actually gets about $800 over a non-graded on average. Either way I'm happy with the card, which is what matters in the end

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    That is so true... I would not own a single card that did not please me. I believe a lot of people have lost sight of that.

    -Robert Lewis

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