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    Experts Needed! Andrew Luck Patch Emerald /5

    I bought this off the bay. Does this patch look legit? If so wheres is it off of?

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    Wouldn't the time to figure out if it was fake or not be before you purchase it? Looks legit to me.

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    Probably Legit...not worth the price differential in faking a patch with a nice (but non-logo) swatch. I have seen a ton of patches this year that look like they have a chunk of an "8" or "0" when that player doesn't have that number. Actually made me curious whether there have been some mix-ups (Luck w/ Fleener or in my case Wilson w/ Randle) or if they used generic numbered jerseys for some of the player worn. This question seems to come up a bit on here as well.

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    probably legit. common sense would tell you if they wanted to fake a patch they would have put a better patch in there.

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    They usually use 80 or 88 at the Rookie Premiere as those numbers create the most two color patches when cut down.

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