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    Help me pick out a display for my collection!

    So with my collection coming along great I absolutely hate that they are all stuck in a box! I've been searching around looking for a nice but cost friendly shadow box or frame to display my cards on the wall. I can't afford one to hold all 135 of them but I figure top 50 or so id love to display.

    I'm looking for the most wallet friendly lmao, maybe there's someone on here that can make these? Or someone who knows of a good site to buy one.

    So far I've found one on every that holds 50 cards and is about $80 shipped but not sure if it's any good?

    I need it to be at least 8 cards wide as my top will have the Galiardi name plate displayed with the others below.

    I'm a complete noob when coming to displaying stuff so hopefully some great of the great members here can give me for tips and advice and maybe even less me in the right direction

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    Pennzoni display has some on Ebay that are nice...but they are pricey...thats what I have

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    Dude, I buy floating frames at Jysk for 6 bucks and tape the cards in, you don't want my advice :p
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    Here is what I made for my cards, screwed a 6$ piece of 1/4" mdf to the back edge of my desk, the shelfs are made from a pack of 4' length tongue and groove pine supported by some 1/4 round molding, which I spray painted black, no more than 35$ for all materials....except I added some gold and black carbon fiber vinyl decal to the backing board, but you could just use a spray can of enamel paint of your color of choice, or if you don't mind using a wall to nail the shelves to, than even easier and the size of your display is only limited to the size of the wall you choose!

    here is how it turned out,

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    Make especially sure that if you are putting cards up for display that you are not doing it in a room with windows. Basement Man-Cave or Rumpus Room is ideal.

    Light from one small window will Bleach out and ruin all your cards. Cards are more sensitive to light than Vampires.

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    a better pic

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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1
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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyes View Post
    a better pic

    I really like that. It's a great idea. I'm going to have to do something similar.
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    Have posted these before but for $70-80 range they look great together (have 4 cases) three horizontal and one vertical. Can be found on ebay, many versions.

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    Wow great displays guys! And thanks for all the comments and help.

    So while running some errands yesterday afternoon we stopped at Michaels and to our surprise they had shadow boxes at 50% of plus we had a 25% off coupon so we picked up a 22x10 in. one for very cheap.

    I liked sluggos idea of taping them in, well the top loaders so I plan to do that. But I also took in consideration that I have a window in my room, although it is always closed I don't want to take the risk with some higher end cards so I plan to only display the nameplate and to fill the rest of the room, I will make custom photos of galiardi to make a collage for the background.

    I found some really nice wooden cases for decent prices as well that I plan to buy and store the rest of my collection in until I get into a suitable home where they can all be displayed

    Thanks again guys

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