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    ??? On Shipping Rates US To Canada

    Im sorry if this has been discussed already,but I have to ask.
    I went to the local post office today to mail 1 card to Russia,and 1 to Canada.
    The cost was the same at $6.05...I was told by the clerk that Canada is now the same rates
    as mailing overseas..Is this the case or was an error made by the clerk?I know the rates went up,but nearly
    doubling in price?...
    I hate to raise my shipping rates to $6.but what are my options other than a PWE?
    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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    yep...we're screwed....$6+ for all international. You may find some clerks that will help you with 'large envelope', but we are talking like thin cardboard protection...any bubble mailer, $6+ per. Sucks

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    That sucks. I won't be buying as much from US sellers. No offense, guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeagol View Post
    That sucks. I won't be buying as much from US sellers. No offense, guys.
    Hate the system. It sucks. But wait until your postage rates go up as well. Then I won't buy from you either.

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    Well, again there is huge discussion.

    My Guys at my PO got together, and they have concluded that YES these small bubbles can be shipped for "Large Envelope" Pricing.

    So that is:

    1 Small #0 Bubble Envelope - One Soft Sleeve, One Card, One Top-Loader. To Canada or Europe - $2.05

    1 Small #0 Bubble Envelope - Two Soft Sleeves, Two Cards, Two Top-Loaders - To Canada or Europe - $2.25

    You have to fight with them to get them to do this. If they argue, tell them to consult their guide, they will find out that this is still an Envelope, not a box.

    I'm ecstatic, as I do not have to pay the absurd new charges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousD82 View Post
    Hate the system. It sucks. But wait until your postage rates go up as well. Then I won't buy from you either.
    Our postage does go up all the time, not only international but domestic as well. Yes, your price dramatically went up in a short period of time ..... but I do not remember a time when sending a bubble mailer to the US was under $2 ( and thats since 2005 ). Also, for me to send anything with tracking accross Canada ( im close to Vancouver, anything east of Saskatchewan ) will cost me upwards of $15, there is no other option. For me to send anything tracked within the same province is $12+. For me to send most packages with tracking the to US, its closer to the $17+.

    Then we get flagged on ebay from idiots telling us we charge too much for shipping. I charged 1 American $15 for tracked Xpresspost shipping, the total on postage was over $23 .... I get screwed on my shipping stars and am now limited to how many items I can sell a month, how much money I can make from ebay, and the only thing the ebay staff can tell me to do is always offer free shipping. 500+ feedback ..... 0 negitives ......... and because some idiots dont like shipping costs I get screwed ..... but I guess thats a different rant .... You can only call and yell at the ebay people so many times ...
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    Yeah, I just shipped some breaks to Canada and Australia. You have "First Class International" which is for letters, and you have "First Class Package International", which is for bubble mailers and boxes. I shipped a 3 oz package to Canada for $6.91. Shipping to Australia was $18 and change for 1lb 6 oz. package.

    Had to add a $5 surcharge for Canadian customers to my site.
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    This is very unfortunate indeed. With the sharp increase in the past two years in U.S. international postage rates. It will turn off a great deal of people north of the border from making purchases, especially on lower value cards. I cringe for everyone south of the border with having to be pummeled with such a drastic hike. Looks like I will definitely be taking that into consideration, when it comes to my trades.
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