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    It's Benn A While! Recent Pickups! Lots of Jagr, Palffy, and one Big Whale

    Hey everybody! This has been a long time coming. I had taken a bit of a hiatus of sorts from trading since the summer. Waaay too much was on my plate, so I was forced to narrow my focus, and Cards had to be one thing I had to step a bit back from, although I did put up a lot of listings on ebay with the special they ran for the latter half of the year, and didn't do too badly even with the lockout.

    After that I found that I had to do a massive overhaul with my site, and photobucket to make sure I was up to date, and even put my Jagr collection(finally) into the Inventory Manager here, as all my other three players were in there already. I still have a few to add, but that will be done soon.

    In the meantime I made a couple of deals, and pickups from ebay recently that bolstered my Player collections. Especially Jagr! As well I have found what I considered my biggest whale of all of my players.

    Here's the Show:

    One nice card of Boyd:

    2006-07 Upper Deck Young Guns High Gloss 10/10

    Some Palffy's to report:

    Now for the Jagr's:

    A bit of ebay:

    I picked this up from JRsDugout on SCF:

    And all of these with hounourable mention from PIDI:

    Believe me this when I say that there has been one great contributor to my Jagr collection, Jörn has been my biggest asset! Also his wantlist is my wantlist as well!

    OH! Did I forget about somebody???? There's that other guy I collect!!! I think his name is Stumpel!! Here's one sweet pickup from a local collector:

    1998-99 Be A Player Autographs Gold!!! (Can't really tell it in the scan that it's gold, but it is..

    Oh! Did you think that was the whale?.......
    Uh no!
    So the real purpose of this show & Tell... Not to say that all the other pickups aren't a big deal, because they are. It's just that this next card has a special context, especially for the one reason that it is the ONE, and ONLY, EVER produced Jozef Stumpel Game Used of anything Card Produced in ANY NHL Licenses product, and I have been waiting to get my hands on a copy for over 10 years, and finally last week on a random Stumpel search on ebay I just about hit the roof when I saw one finally listed on ebay, that I went to town on working a deal with the seller!

    Here's the meat of the thread, Enjoy:

    2000-01 Titanium Game Gear Stick!!!!!

    Thank you all for the view! And hopefully I'll have another report before spring!
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    Well worth the wait! Awesome that you came across the Stumpel. It's a BEAUTIFUL looking card!

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    Some very cool cards. Congrats on the 2000-01 Titanium Game Gear. I really like the look of those cards. I have been working on the Rangers team set for a few years now and I am down to only two cards to complete it.
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
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    absolutly great show Brian...congratz on the Stumpel Game Gear, but love the Palffy Mask Collection Patch and the Palffy Buy Back as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIDI View Post
    absolutly great show Brian...congratz on the Stumpel Game Gear, but love the Palffy Mask Collection Patch and the Palffy Buy Back as well
    Thanks Jörn! Somewhere there in during our big deals we've had for Jagr cards there were some other Palffy, and Stumpel distractions...

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    Awesome S&T, Brian. You have almost the nicest Jagr PC I know of ;). That Stumpel auto and mem is awesome. Big congrats!

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