I have not bought Non-Hockey Cards in about 20 years but luckily have gotten some NPNs from Upper Deck. I would like to trade these for Hockey!

Here is what I am looking for:
- Oilers Auto/Mem/S#
- Ex-Oilers players on other teams Auto/Mem/S#
- Flames Auto/Mem/S#


2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Threads 199 #RTJL Jake Long
Attributes: Mem, S# /199

2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Threads Foursome 50 #RFMLRT Darren McFadden/ Jake Long/ Matt Ryan/ Devin Thomas
Attributes: Mem, S# /50

2008 UD A Piece Of History Franchise History #FH18 Matt Holliday
Attributes: S# /699

2008 Upper Deck UD Game Materials 1999 #FS Freddy Sanchez
Attributes: Mem

2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection #3861 Thurman Munson

Some Misc Hockey for Trade

1996-97 Be A Player Autographs #201 Brian Noonan

1997-98 Be A Player Autographs #223 Ryan Vandenbussche

2005-06 Upper Deck #J2-DY Trevor Daley (Green)

2006-07 Hot Prospects Hot Materials #HM-NW Noah Welch (White)

2006-07 Sweet Shot Sweet Stitches #SS-HZ Henrik Zetterberg 022 of 200 (White)

2007-08 UD Artifacts Frozen Artifacts #FA-IK Ilya Kovalchuk /299 (Black) [Dinged Corner!]