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    wierdest card ive ever pulled or seen sale ?

    I just opened a few packs of 2011 topps chrome football and pulled a jonathan stewart black refractor. the black refractors are numbered to 299 mine is numbered 300/299 what do you think this is worth and what would you do with it? back - Copy.jpgfront.jpg

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    That is very weird indeed.

    Looks like the card is sprouting a hair too!

    It's probably only going to interest a Stewart collector and he doesn't sell that well but it is definitely an interesting error.

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    I'd list it as an error 1/1 on ebay and see what happens on an auction. I could see it getting $5 maybe.
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    Rohan Davey PC 228/264 (non 1/1)
    Amir Sadollah 77/84 (6/29 1/1's)

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    Been offered a lot more than that already just was unsure what to do with it.

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