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    My football for your baseball or football

    I am looking for autos mainly, but also for rookies booking for over $10. Check my list or

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    the Holmes books for $80 and the Gonzalez books for $25

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    is the Gonzalez an auto? and did you see anything on my links?

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    yeah, it is an auto.
    I like
    05 SPA Sign of the Times Antonio Gates/Vincent Jackson Dual Auto #23/50

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    I just sent you a PM with a trade offer well in your favor b_ballerjake. PLMK soon

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    not exactly well in my favor...3 low end auto's and a low end gu for the Dual /50??

    Really have no need for anything of yours except the two I noted. let me know if we can do anything for those

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    well what do you want for the card I listed?

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    would only do something that invloved the Holmes or Gonzalez. I could do the Gonzalez and cash or for the Holmes with something added in on my site (as long as the Holmes bv is $80)

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    No thanks. I can do the Gonzalez and something else for the Gates/Jackson, but I'm not trying to buy. The Holmes I will trade, but It will have to be for a card that books for the same.

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