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    FT/FS: Manning/Unitas Passing the Torch Dual - One of the Greatest Cards Ever Made

    Up for trade or sale is a Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning Dual ON CARD Autographs.

    Not sure what the card books at and I don't even really care to be honest. I have it up on an inflated buy it now on eBay and got offered $1600 last week, so I know it's worth AT LEAST that.
    They don't come up for sale all that often and they are even harder to trade for.

    I'm looking for SUPER HIGH END autographs. Don't send me a page with a bunch of $60 autographs on it, to get this thing, you're going to have to make a really really solid offer.
    It will most likely take one monster card and then some other stuff. I have no problem keeping it but I have had it for a while so if you've ever wanted to own this card, now is your chance.
    I'm not looking to trade for stuff that's "hot" this week like Kaepernick or Flacco. I want autographs of major star solidified players like Mantle, Williams, Koufax, Ted Williams, Walter Payton, Unitas, Jordan, etc. OR High grade vintage.

    Anyway, enough blabbing. Whattya got for me?



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    I have that on my watch list. Please CMB including PC.

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    give me a look pc open too

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    wude - some nice stuff there but nothing for this card.

    giantfan - nice stuff but as I said above, not looking for new players

    mzchops - Man, there's some heavy hitters in your PC that I really like but there's not that one card that I HAVE to have, and in order to trade this card, I think I'm gonna need one card that I can't say no to. But really nice stuff there.

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    No problem man thanks for the look, i wish i had more of your wants for the dual i love that card

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    Id possibly take a stab at it. I have other highend not scanned too.


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    redneck - Like a lot of the other guys, very nice stuff but nothing I would rather have than this card.

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    All PM's have been returned. Card is still available. Pretty much nobody has listened to my wants and still just offered me everything I said I wasn't after with the exception of mikied.

    It's gonna be a tough trade fellas honestly but if you want this card you have to break out the big guns. The Walter Payton Autos, the Mays/Aaron duals, different Unitas autos, Jackie Robinson SP Signature Cuts, stuff like that. BIG DOGS. Like I said, I realize a trade will be tough but those cards are out there. Open your vaults :)

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