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    1990/01 and 91/92 pro set hockey

    I had a couple of unopened boxes of them sitting around for about 20+ years. I know that they are not worth any money but I wanted to bust both of them and get some ttm going with the former players who sign ttm from a US address. What do you think?
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    I dont do much hockey TTM but know that those pro set hockey cards, thats about all there good for. I have a box or 2 of them in my basement unopened. Got fhem atleast 10 or so years ago & doubt i paid over $5 for both together.

    Good luck with them & let us know how they come out.

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    I've graphed a 91-92 Pinnacle set for years now. Tons of guys from those years sign. Good luck,
    I NEED 02/03 Topps Heritage Calder Cloth cards!!!
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    Have an odd Richie Ashburn item? I might want it!
    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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