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    A few NYR Pacific Patch Cards - 00-01 Titanium, etc.

    I've noticed these cards have become quite popular (esp the 00-01 Titanium). I thought I'd share my small collection of NY Rangers Patch cards.

    2000-01 Private Stock Hockey Titanium Game Gear Patch Variation Cards

    Some assorted Titanium/Private Stock/Atomic patch cards from Pacific

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    Gotta give it to Pacific, they knew how to make awesome patch cards.
    Those are very nice, especially the top four!
    Looking for: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Main PC), Erik Karlsson (Secondary PC)
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    I still love older pacific cards to this day. Awesome pic patches of your pc. Thanks for sharing.

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    That mark messier patch from 01/02 titanium is absolutley beautiful. Makes me want to bust a box lol
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    Thats a sweeeet collection!! Like the Richter the best lol

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    Yeah, I've noticed Pacific patches are starting to sell quite well, or at least better than most older/early '00 products. Considering the size of the patch window, Pacific 'did' patches very well.

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    beauties! I think I may have owned that fleury patch many moons ago, or one very similar at least :)
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Fritz, Fleury seems to have quite a few nice patches in this product. I particularly like the "Lady Liberty" patch in the card I bought.

    I agree Fleury14, these cards are starting to demand a higher premium, especially the ones with eye-catching patches of popular players. That Fleury cost me a pretty penny.

    I actually have an unopened box coming my way soon. At 10 packs/box, I don't think that, on average, a single box yields much in terms of the premium cards. We'll see.

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    Very cool patch cards. i really like the 2000-01 Titanium Game Gear set. I am working on the New York Rangers team set (base), and once I am finally complete it, I might have to try for the patches too, based on how nice they look.
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    LMK what base cards you need. I can pull them for you when i get my box next week.

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