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    My set wants! opc premier signings /15 and less numbered and private signings! Wired

    I am looking for opc premier signings 2009-10 and Private signings!

    Opc premier signings I am looking /5 /10 /15 made

    Private signings I am looking for all.
    wIred auto parkhurst all.

    Offer me with price.
    I am willing to trade also.

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    how much would you give me for a pacioretty private signings ?

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    Have landeskog GL1
    Collector of Habs stuff only

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    I am looking for ebay prices.

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    PM me price for that Price and lmk if ur looking for cash or trade.

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    If you go on ebay theres 1 other Shanahan $80 plus shipping and Goligoski most are within a couple bucks of $20 shipped. Im always open to offers too. PM if you like.

    Quote Originally Posted by benthic View Post
    I am looking for ebay prices.

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    i have these 2 for sale, both are 12/15. PM Me if you need them.

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    I got that Shanahan for $28 so thanks for offer but no thanks
    PM to others

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