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    What do you use for your personal collection?

    As I start to collect players I like, I'm curious how you guys keep your collections organized? Back in the day I could throw my Bo Jackson in a 3 ring binder on standard sheets. With graded cards, jerseys, autos, ect. It's a little hard to do that. I'm just curious a nice way to keep them fun and organized. Thanks!

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    better invest in top loaders and magnetic one touch hard plastic card holders. I usually put my best stuff in hard plastic cases on display and the rest in top loaders in a box in the top of the closet. You just gotta make sure you get the right size holders for the cards. Usually display cards are the expensive ones and nice looking ones, like refractor autos and multi color patch cards. Card shops have shoe box sized white boxes with a divider in the middle that are good for top loaders, plastic snap cases and even most hard plastic card holders. Just make sure you use graded card sleeves for the hard plastic single card holders if you put them in the box. Keeps them from getting scratched.

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    I have a ton of toploaders of all sizes. All you can really do is stack them up in a box. That's not much fun. :/

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    I have showcases up on my wall. I also have some shelving and they sell little clear plastic easels for as little as .25 each that you can use to display some cards.

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