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    Tell us why you hate packsearchers.

    I'll tell you my reason. I went to walmart and picked up 15 packs of prizm. I planned to take them back, but somebody cut holes in every pack. I ended up opening them. I have to check every pack before I buy again from Walmart or Target.

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    Wow really someone cut holes in packs, have not heard of that one before, but generally pack searchers don't bother me because I stay away from loose retail packs, although I did like you buy some prizm packs. I only got 1 green out of 12 packs and if you search ebay there are green refractor hot packs, how does someone search out a green refractor, no idea.

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    Even though I don't like pack searchers destroying loose packs for everyone else you have to wonder how many of the singles that you buy off the bay or even pick up for SCF are from pack searchers.
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    Yep you are right veggiieman. And CardCollector man, if you look at various box breaks on sites like this you'll see what i'm talking about.

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    Whenever I catch someone doing that, I make sure to "accidentally" bump into them and spill a fountain drink on them.

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    Pack searchers suck, because some of us do not have access to "hobby" cards and boxes except for online. The only cards we can buy are retail( target, wally, etc.) let us have a fighting chance at a good pull!!! I always give pack searchers a hard time when i see them. No matter what age they are. And i've seen all ages!

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    another big problem with packsearchers, depending on their "method" can cause damaged cards. I remember opening up a pack a couple months ago and had a nice chrome insert on top with 4 big long streaks down it.

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    I have seen some pretty blatant examples of pack searchers at Walmart with the boxes ripped right open and the packs being stolen with the only packs being left the one's w/o anything in them. Thanks. Walmart security sucks and they only work a couple of days a week so I am pretty sure these morons know when those days are. There actually used to be a guy around the hobby that would share his pack searching stories. Really?

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    Got another reason. In the last five packs I've bought at walmart, three have had damaged cards. I turn to blasters when I want retail instead of value packs which are million times a better deal.

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