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    Panini redemption solution - What do you think?

    2010 Panini Luxury Suite Rookies Group 1 Gold Jordan Eberle /10

    replaced by these three cards :

    2011 Panini Crown RoyaleIce Kings Signatures Card #2/ 25
    Taylor Hall

    2010 Panini Luxury Suite Rookies Group 1 Card #131 /199
    Jordan Eberle Au/Rc

    2011 Panini Prime (11-12) Prime Namesakes - auto letter patches Card #62 (13 / 75) Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
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    nope. I wouldn't take it. I'd ask them for a comparable RC from Dominon

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    any and all

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    I'd say you did very well. You lose the exclusivity of a #/10 RC, but consider you are gaining a #/25 with a signature, a #/75 autographed memorabilia card and a #/199 RC with an auto. The player section is strong and you retain an Eberle card. I think the 3 autos & the letter patch have more value vs the one exclusive #/10 RC.
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    I think you made out pretty well, 3 nice cards.

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    I think you made out quite well.....but that being said I really wonder why the Hall #/25 wasn't released out into the product. Same question for the hopkins - some of those letters are super short print and if they are holding on to one of those to please a customer that they had previously messed up with thats just terrible for collectors who are in the chase.....

    I think I would be happy though.....any pics?
    Possibly looking to sell anything in my Bucket
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    Sorry if this has been discussed before but why would they not produce/release the Eberle Gold /10 in the first place? Whats the problem?

    Seems like multiple redemptions in this set are not going to be made. I am also waiting for replacements for two I had.

    *Edit* just read your previous thread about this issue. Wow, what a mess!

    The Nugent Namesakes is a solid card. The Eberle /199 (if it is a multi colored) as well. Though a /25 Im not a fan of Crown Royale.

    Dont know what you planned to do with the cards but I think if you sold them right now compared to the Eberle /10 probably would net you a likely similar amount
    but down the road I see the price for the Eberle /10 to be solid and high while the other three are more likely to fade a little.

    On the other hand if youd like the /10 for your pc it will obviously be tougher to find one and it will eventually cost more than the three others combined.
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    Ya did good, even though it's /10 at least u got the TRUE rc version of the card and the other two are very nice pickups as well

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    Thanks everyone. I feel okay about the replacements and pleased that Panini worked with me to get me the players that I requested.
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    What I don't understand is why wasn't it signed with he true rc /199 out of the same product?

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    I think I would take the 3 replacements -- buts thats just my personal opinion -- but -- How long did it take after you requested a replacement - until you recieved these -- I made a replacement request a few weeks ago and was wondering on a time frame , by the way I had waited 18 months before requesting replacements --LOL , I just kept hoping since it was a couple Shea Weber cards
    The Nashville Predators are my one and only PC ... so I`m always searching !!

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