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Thread: Jimmy Graham PC Show and Tell

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    Jimmy Graham PC Show and Tell

    I've been working on my Jimmy Graham Collection for a while now, thought it was about time to post a thread to show a few of the highlights.

    Starting with the lower end and working my way up (didn't post any of the non-rc or much of the higher numbered stuff), Saints Fans enjoy:
    Plates & Patches

    /25 got a couple of these.


    Absolute Mem Platinum

    /25 got a few of these
    Gridirion Gear O

    /25 got a few of these
    Topps Prime

    /25, only 1 each

    Only 1, but it's 1/1

    /999, 4-9.5/10s, 1 ungraded

    /99, got 3 of these

    /10, only 1
    Certified Gold

    /25 just 1
    Rated Rookie

    /125 Short Print got 5
    Classics Platinum

    /25 got a two of these
    Limited Gold

    /25 got a couple of these

    Only got one of these but it's 1/1





    /75, got 4
    Black Refractor

    Gold Refractor

    National Treasures Gold

    /25 got a couple of these

    /100 Short Print got 4 of these


    /358 Short Print Got 10 of these
    Crown Royal

    /25 got 2 of these

    /10, 2 BGS 9.5, 1 Ungraded
    SP Authentic

    /25 Got 3 of these


    /25 2 of these

    /25 3 of these

    /25 2 of these


    Feel free to post comments, please keep it civil.
    Thanks for the look!

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    Wow. Fantastic collection!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrlebert View Post
    Wow. Fantastic collection!

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    Very Nice... You have a fair amount of low numbered trading cards.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganMan View Post
    Very Nice... You have a fair amount of low numbered trading cards.

    -Robert Lewis
    Thanks Robert, the short prints are becoming harder to come by, so I've been concentrating on the newer stuff that is coming out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brentboudreaux1 View Post
    looks good man! cant wait to see more
    Purchases are coming slower any more. I have a folder in my bucket that has them all, most of the Nices ones are posted, but still some really cool stuff still in the bucket, like partial chrome rainbow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumm0x View Post
    Great collection James. Glad to help out.
    Yes, big thanks HERE! I received the Limited 1/1 and Prime 1/1 Kelly (LummOx26) and I would highly recommend trading with him if ever the chance arises!
    Thanks again for the AWESOME cards!!!

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