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Thread: What an ebay seller did to me

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    What an ebay seller did to me

    Well I bought a few packs of sp authentic off him, watied a week never heard back from him, so mailed him he then says hes on vacation for a week bla bla. So needless to say took me 3 weeks to actually get the cards with several emails going back and forth. I finally got them today with a not that says "hope your happy, hope you get nothing you di**" not i mailed him and told him Im gonna report this to ebay, I think I should but will they even do anything about it.

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    And another note I know sellers are kind a rip off on shipping sometimes but this listing clearly stated priority mail, so 5 bucks for shipping, yet it was sent 1st class for 1.13. Do I have any argument there

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    yeah you should be entitled to a refund if you paid via paypal. id file a paypal complaint that he didnt send priority as promised in the listing. leave neg feedback and file a complaint with ebay from the email he sent you.

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    Find a pic of a really nice card from the set and send the seller the pic, telling him you pulled it from one of his packs. :o)

    Ebay has a "postage gouging" clause, complain to them. Complain to Paypal as well about his shipping charge. If the guy was REALLY a jack-off and he didn't send it Certified, just tell Paypal it took longer than 10 days for the guy to mail a package and I think you get a full refund.

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    not sure what they would do, but send them an email. At the very least, leave him negative feedback about the note and the shipping.

    there are a lot of chumps out there selling on ebay.

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    Left a neg and of course he left me one right back, i really wish they would do sometin about that. And unfortnatly i paid with a money order so no chance of filin a complaint

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    Is is shaw1020 what really gets me is he lied and said i sent a check as an exuse i sent a money order and he claims he never got it before he left but when I went to pick up my daily tin the people at 711 said it looked liked it was cashed before the thursday he said he left. They could be wrong but the way he responded to everything with me makes me think another. And just cause im letting out more frustartion on ebay got 2 things from the 9th that were paid via paypal that I havent seen and people who arnt happy with the sale price of the card, one person just woulnt give me a shipping price and claims he sent invoices, its like Im not retarded invoices show up in my mail no way I would have missed it.

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    depending on the type of feedback he left, ebay may remove it. he is not alowed to leave retalliatory (sp?) feedback. if its bad, ebay will take it down.

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    Ebay's feedback rating system does need a total overhaul. It is very flawed in the fact that unless you want negative feedback for yourself, you cant really leave negative for them. They can just leave bad feedback even if you did nothing wrong. I ran into this problem as well but I was lucky enough that the buyer that left bad feedback for me just because I left negative for him was suspended for some reason. He was a member for less than 90 days so Ebay did remove his comment from my rating.

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