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    Anybody interested in some wrestling figures?

    Hey everyone. I have run across some wrestling figures in my storage room at my parents place. I'm just not into
    collecting them anymore like I used to. So I thought I would post them up here to see if there is any intrest in
    them and then maybe off to ebay? I dont really know what to do with them all if nobody is interested here. Anyway here
    is the list and if you are interested in pictures I have pictures of everything and if you PM me your email address
    I will gladly ship them over to you. All figures are still mint condition still in the package. Some packages may have
    some wear but notheing horrible or else I wouldnt still have them lol. Thanks for looking!!

    WCW Red And Black Attack 3 pack( Nash, Bischoff, Hogan)

    WWE Ring Giants Rowdy Roddy Piper, Carlito

    WWE Ring Rage Chris Masters

    WCW Signature series giant figure(Goldberg)

    WWE Backlash RVD, HBK,

    TNA Christan Cage, James Mitchel, Scott Steiner

    WWE NWO Back and Bad Kevin Nash Tshirt, Kevin Nash Tank Top, Scott Hall Tshirt

    WWE Smackdown Draft Picks #2 Kurt Angle, #12 Tajiri

    WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 1(Rey Mysterio, Eric Bischoff)

    WWE Best of WCW Rey Mysterio

    Ruthless Aggression not sure of series Rey Mysterio

    Deluxe Classic Superstars ( Brutus Beefcake, British Bulldog, Million $ Man, Mr. Perfect, HBK)

    WWE Havoc Unleashed Chris Benoit

    WWE Classic Superstars Jerry Saggs, Brian Knobbs, George The Animan Steele, Mr Perfect, Ultimate Warrior,
    SGT Slaughter, Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Masked Kane

    WWE Classic 3 Pack ( Bret Hart, The Anvil, Jimmy Hart)

    Wrestlemania 21 Rey Mysterio Figure/Mask set

    Wrestlemania 23 2 pack Randy and Hulk Hogan

    WWE NWO back and bad 2 pack Scott Hall and Stone Cold Steve Austin

    WWE ECW series(Tommy Dreamer, CM Punk)

    Wrestlemania 21 Stone Cold Steve Austin

    No Way Out Randy Orton

    WWF Shotgun Saturday Night Hawk

    WCW/NWO Hollywood Hogan

    WWE Deluxe Aggression (Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels)

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    I am interested in a few of these. PM coming ur way
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    im interested in WWE Best of WCW Rey Mysterio

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    I would be interested in all of the classic/classic deluxe figures (singles and multipacks) Please send me pictures if you don't mind.

    LMK what you would need for them.



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