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    Wanted: 12-13 Panini Limited cards (Read)

    Hello everyone

    As another new product has came out I am looking for the Robert Mayer cards from them

    This product is: 12/13 Panini Limited Hockey...and he has Phenoms RC auto.

    Heres the list, If you have ANY of the ones on the list please send me a private message.

    Panini Phenoms Robert Mayer (#226) - #/499 - INCOMING
    Panini Phenoms Robert Mayer Silver (#226) - #/49 - INCOMING
    Panini Phenoms Robert Mayer Gold (#226) - #/25 - PENDING

    Panini Phenoms Robert Mayer Platinum (#226)- #/1

    I am buying/trading so please send me a message if you got any of them.

    Thanks again !

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    One of the Mayer variations was pulled in a CnC group break yesterday. I think its the Emerald /5 but im not 100%.
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    color codes: yellow/blue/green= incoming or pending/do not need
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    Emerald arrived and crossed of the list...Anyone got the 1/1 ? I am BUYING thanks!

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    Gold #/25 is a pending deal, Just need the Platinum 1/1 version, Anyone got it? Will make you the best offer you wont get any where else...Just saying....

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