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    Got $20 cash to spend - bring it!!!

    Here's the deal-io - I have $20 CASH to spend on the best lot. I don't care if it's 1 card or 1000 cards, I just want to put this $20 in an envelope and then in about 2 weeks, I get some sweet cards in the mail. Here is basically what I am looking for and it can be 1 card or the combination of a few. I am not looking for base cards.

    TY Hilton - RC, AU, GU, Patch
    Andrew Luck - RC, GU, patch
    RGIII - RC, GU, patch
    Russell Wilson - RC, GU, patch (if you are willing to pass on an Auto for $20 of either of the last 3 guys listed, I'll take that but it's not going to happen :))
    Kap RC, GU, Patch
    LaMicheal James Rc, GU, Patch, AU
    Coby Fleener - Gu, AU, patch
    any sweet looking patch card
    anything TTT (please no OL or DL guys)
    Dallas Cowboys

    Thanks - jrdalton24
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    I can do this for you -

    hilton bowman sterling gu
    Hilton prizm rc
    Fleener prizm RC
    Wilson new breed gu
    Luck topps rc
    deion sanders prominence /879

    LMK - scans in bucket

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    I have a Fleener Variation REF Auto and a Hilton Base Chrome auto..LMK

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    CM TY Hilton and patches on my list
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    PM's sent to all.

    Michigan Max - you need to empty your message box. I wasn't able to send you a PM.

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