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    little mentioned great move by the House

    The house stopped the debt ceiling from caving in and only added one provision, and it wasn't a tax break for the rich or anyone else. and perhaps the only stand they have made that is worth mentioning seems to go unnoticed.

    Rep. Susan Brooks, a freshman Republican from Indiana, said, "I recently voted along with my colleagues in the House to present the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate with a simple, but powerful challenge: pass a budget or you don't get paid.

    if they could just focus in the right direction they might save themselves, but I am even doubtful this will happen.

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    Unfortunately, this law was illegal. From my understanding, current Congresses can not set their own pay. I bet many of representatives now this. LOL.

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    has nothing to do with their own pay and it is not illegal and has already been passed.

    no budget proposal no pay, the senate hasn't proposed a budget in a few years, this will make them propose one or not get paid, and you know they are going to do whatever they need to, to get paid.

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    White House and Senate Called their Bluff

    You really believe they will stop their own pay ????
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