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Thread: USPS To Stop Saturday Mailing

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    USPS To Stop Saturday Mailing
    Stopping it to save money.

    Thought this was a good spot for it since it dealt with TTM's, move it to where ever it has to go.

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    Bummer! Although I can understand why they're doing it.
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    If true, then I like this move for the USPS. It will likely save them A LOT of money I believe.

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    Won't take affect until as early as August. So have some time...

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    will make monday maildays that much bigger. I'd imagine the mail would still move ( sorting facility's) on Saturdays, like it does now on sundays.

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    I support the move. Will save the USPS a lot of money, so hopefully postage doesn't go up anymore.

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    Thinking that being a mailperson might be a great job. Off Sat and Sun plus all the bogus government Monday holidays? How many three day weekends will this give them? Seriously should this be what it takes for them to make money it is a great choice!
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    I think some post offices will be open saturdays,just no delivery.
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