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    Entire bucket for sale, eBay prices! Every Series 2009-2012

    Buy some stuff before I change my mind and put these back in the box for a few more years. I just pulled them out today and decided to start letting them go for their average market prices. Make an offer or let me know which cards you specifically want.

    I also currently have all these mats listed on ebay:

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    I can use the machida series 4 auto can pm me a price please, thanks.

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    Prices on machida rnd 2 auto, machida series 1 Victorious debut insert

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    can please pm me prices on these? as a lot and individually?

    cerrone finest auto, phil davis contenders auto and jds rd 2 auto

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    2 trades confirmed so far! PMd mr. H. The mat gold/onyx parallels lot has less than a day left!

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