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    case of 2012/2013 contenders football LIVE BREAK

    starting in 5

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    box 1

    zach brown auto
    rod streater auto
    jarius wright on card auto
    mjd 20th anniversary /20
    demario davis auto
    chris polk auto
    terrance ganaway auto

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    Are you going to be doing it live via blog or anything? Or just on here?

    Either Way Good luck

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    box 2
    adrien robinson auto
    bill bentley auto
    doug martin on card auto
    josh cooper auto
    deonte thompson auto
    shea mcclellin auto

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    just on here will post pictures when im done, as i usually do :)

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    Interested in the Jairus Wright :) and good LUCK ;)

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    May I kindly ask what the case cost you? Good luck with the break, hoping to see mine arrive later today.

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    box 3

    matt forte playoff ticket /99
    nigel bradham auto
    reuben randle variation auto redemption
    josh gordon auto
    bobby rainey auto
    maurice claiborne auto
    danny coale auto

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    case was 1600 cash

    box 4

    BROCK OSWEILER ON CARD AUTO ! THANK GOD PC now i dont have to track spa auctions anymore

    dan herron auto
    keshawn martin auto
    shea mcclellin auto (obviously not the super sp this year )
    omar bolden auto
    jeff fuller auto

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