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Thread: 3 boxes of 12-13 SPGU

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    3 boxes of 12-13 SPGU

    Heard of a new card store in Hamilton (Breakaway Sports Cards) and decided to check them out. Talked with Chuck (one of the owners) and we shot the stuff a little. Also broke down and open 3 boxes of 12-13 SPGU.
    Got to say, it was a nice store and Chuck was very helpful and friendly.

    Anyway here is what i got from the boxes...

    and the big hit from the boxes...

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    The Doughty is an awesome hit! Ill have to check out the shop sometime, I live extremely close

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    Nice hits, here is the scan of the card you were interested in.

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    Nice Doughty and break overall.

    Looking forward to checking out the new shop myself, I currently live in Hamilton :)

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    They put a pic of the Doughty up on Facebook! Beauty of a hit...

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    Sweet... I will check it out on their facebook.

    bouncy2551 - PM me about the Rinne

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    I'd be interested in the Sabres triple jersey
    Lee Stempniak
    (96.9%, 28 1/1's, 5 Gamers, 3 Sticks) & Cal Clutterbuck (91.0%, 21 1/1's, 1 Stick)
    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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