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Thread: Is This Worth It?

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    Is This Worth It?

    I was just wondering as I am working on a trade with a local trader in the area (not on forums) but I have ZERO basketball knowledge in regards to value as I am trading for a hockey PC card. I need to know the approximate value of a Kevin Durant 3 clr Limited Logos Exquisite RC /50. I do not have the card in question or know the year number. My question is based on this information how much value would/could this card have?

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    I would check e-bay listings as that card would go for a pretty penny. If it's a rc year card, it's from 07-08 exquisite.

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    Though I agree with "a couple hundred easy" I was thinking a couple thousand easy. Turns out we're both way low according to an ebay sold search. Granted, the card I found is a BGS 9 graded version but it sold for $6,500. Oh, plus $1.75 shipping :)
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