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    2012 Contenders 3 box break...with 7 variations?

    So, after researching the variations (going by the thread about missing info on the backs, and some help from another member on here), I found 7 photo variations. I thought dupe autos in 3 boxes were bad, but dupe variations is just....I dunno, too many lol.

    Photo Variations:
    Ryan Lindley x2
    Zach Brown
    Orson Charles
    Lamar Miller (on-card)
    Rhett Ellison
    Jamell Fleming

    Other Autos:
    Alshon Jeffery Redemption (guessing on-card)
    Lamichael James Playoff Ticket 62/99
    Mohamed Sanu (on-card)
    Rhett Ellison
    Dan Herron
    Casey Hayward
    Josh Robinson
    Marvin McNutt
    Jared Crick x2
    Devon Wylie

    No base or insert parallels, seem limited in other case breaks. Probably will hold on to some of the cards that could be potential sp's until I get a better grip of what's popping up. Kinda shady of Panini promoting the product with 2 on-cards per box when there is only 1 at the $140-150 price tag. But, not much you can do :)

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    Good god, these initial breaks are less than stellar....I'm committed to a case so I am opening no matter what, but wow, cause for Legendary Heroes autos, no good parallel autos, a bunch of no name RC's and very few Martins, Wilson's, Griffins, Lucks, Richardsons, Morris, etc......

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    More and more that I see opened of this, I think I will avoid with a passion and I thought Contenders hockey last year was an awesome product.

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    It's just scary.....the ther boardie hat stopped at 8 boxes.....yikes....if the really big names are SP and SSP, we could see some monster prices. If the Luck is 100 or less, we're talking $500-$600......

    My guess is Kuechly or Harrison Smith is going to be a short print, and TY Hilton is a good candidate as well....

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    The SSP's will help out the case breakers, if you can hit 1. But 30 redemptions and misleading your customer base about on-card autos isn't going to be a good thing for Panini. Especially when you see live and redemption cards of the same RPS in the product. Hopefully there are enough SP's to make it worth the money...I learned my lesson last year not to go in deep with this product.

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    Would you be interested in trading the Marvin Mcnutt Auto? Can't imagine he's a short print. Or if your interested in trading it down the road when we know more about who the SP's are lmk. Thanks.

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    I know... I can not stand it when the large print on the box advertises one thing, but the fine print states not guaranteed.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Please Shoot me a price on Casey Hayward if selling


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