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    Couple Cards from Recent breaks for Sale.

    I will only ship to Canada if the order is over 50$ other than that its just not worth the price sorry. If you want to pay the shipping then we can deal.

    Tim Erixon Seams Incredible /5 25$

    Scheifele Prime Rookies Auto $15

    Anton Lander Prime rookies fight strap /25 --10$

    D. Sedin Seams Incredible --$35

    Roman Horak Prime Time Rookies Jumbo auto --5$

    Johansen Contenders Auto 5$

    Nugent-Hopkins/Landeskog Dual Gold Contenders NHL INK Auto 160$ (redemption unscratched)

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    I will take this one:

    Anton Lander Prime rookies fight strap /25 --10$

    Is it $10.00 delivered in the US. PM me if it will be different. If you are good post and send your paypal.
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