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    1 Box of 2012 Contenders Football

    Tried out a box from Chris J of Hobby Box I would say this could be an above average hit box

    First off i got 6 hits out of the guaranteed 5

    and heres what i pulled

    then i pulled 1 Variation Auto unfortunately its a redemption

    but surely this is the best auto out of the box

    Looks like this is an SP

    thanks for looking
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    Sweet Morris!


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    Nice, very cool pull with the Morris. I'm sure that is one that is only going to gain in popularity. Plus his auto looks sharp.
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    Always nice to pull a SP.

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    Morris has a great signature. That's definitely the hit of the box.
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    Interested in the Morris
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    i got a little bit of surprise on this box

    i rceived the box today

    and together with the hits i posted was this

    and at the back

    cant beat a low numbered could have been stucked to one of the cards and its my on card auto making the haul of the box to 7 Autos ...
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    i trade by book , sell by SV and when reasoning fails Common sense should step in
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