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    12/13 Panini Limited initial impressions

    So from all the breaks i've seen (around 4 cases of the product) it seems pretty bad so far. Maybe it is just these early cases, but so far I wouldn't pay 50$ for a pack of it. When limited first came out in 10/11 I liked it, thought it was something different. But so far , and that may change as more of it is busted, this years Limited seems like a dud.
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    The photos looked alot nicer then the images people have posted so far. I'm still curious why the monikers look the exact same each year. Such a boring design but thankfully only a minimal amount of PC cards.
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    Looks like it is pretty heavy on the redemptions this year again too. Someone posted up a 10-box break over in that area and (in addition to the rookie redemption cards) 6 redemptions were pulled. Add on the rookies and that's 10 total cards out of a break of 70(?) cards that the guy doesn't get to enjoy right off the bat. That really hurt the product in its first year and it may end up doing so again.

    That said, I've liked a lot of what I have seen. The Jumbo Jersey set looks nice this year with a vertical orientation and there's some other pretty nice cards in there.
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    A couple of comments: (I busted one box yesterday and did well, (Monikers redemption for Malkin) so I stopped after that).

    1. Panini included numbered inserts (acetate) that were clearly supposed to be used in lower end products like Zenith/Pinnacle, but because those products aren't there, they are "added value."

    2. The Rookie Autos look cheap. The team logo looks like a silk screen t-shirt. It is not embroidered and it is not a patch. Just cheapens the product.
    This goes the same for the Monikers, which use the silk screen t-shirt method as well.

    3. The Rookie Redemptions are not autoed. If they were auto'd, they would be great additions. But they are just XRC's like the ones in BAP or Artifacts.

    Overall, I see the price of this product dropping, but not too much, as it will be in high demand due to the lack of other hockey products out there.

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