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    Lucic shaping the whole of the Northeast

    The most influential player in the Northeast Division is Boston Bruins left winger Milan Lucic. Montreal’s Carey Price may be more important to his team and the Bruins’ Zdeno Chara may be the best player, but no other skater has changed the landscape like ‘Looch.’

    And in an age where many in the media and medical community are railing against fighting, this is another example of how hockey’s unorthodox fabric won’t be torn so easily.
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    I'm a Habs fan, so obviously I have no love for the Bruins. :) However, Lucic is the type of player I think every team would love to have. He is on the first line, can skate, can score, and yes can fight. He deserves to play hockey unlike goons like George Laraque. I have no respect for players who are pretty much on the team just so they can fight. A hockey player should be on the team because they can score, skate, and pass well. Having a player like Lucic who can do all that and is tough....bonus!

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    I love Lucic's style of play and I wish that my Habs had a guy who could play more like Lucic. However my biggest problem with him is what appears to be a lack of respect for other players. Any scrap of respect I had for him was completely gone after the Ryan Miller goalie run that was completely uncalled for and as far as I am concerned was intentional. Also remember watching a Bruins vs Habs game where Andrei Kostitsyn of all people caught Lucic with a good, hard hit and knocked him to the ground. Lucic responded by jumping Kostitsyn a guy who clearly is not a fighter for a hit that was clearly not dirty. It was shortly after that game that Georges Laraque followed Lucic around the ice basically begging him to drop the gloves with a true fighter and Lucic wouldn't even give him the time of day. I have no problems with the hard style of play and the skill that Lucic possesses I can even forgive him for being a member of the Boston Bruins maybe I'm just a biased Habs fan though.
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    Claude Julien gets the first star in last night's game. He shook up those two lines, and Voila, they both had 4 exciting 3rd Period Shifts, they had the Habs under the kosh.

    Boston simply has to find a better way of getting Seguin the puck in open ice from between the tops of the face-off circles, and the net. He is the hungriest player in the NHL in open ice in this area.

    I'd keep these lines together, when they hustle, they are hard to stop.

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