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    Looking for clinton portis and santana moss

    Im looking for clinton portis and santana moss autos or auto/jsy's. Let me know what you have. Everything on my site is for trade.

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    i have this:

    04 Finest Clinton Portis Jsy #102

    are you willing to buy? could sell for $4 dlvd

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    I have these:
    Moss Santana 01 UD Graded rookie series white jersey gu #50 283/500 BGS 8.5

    Moss Santana 02 Playoff Honors Alma Mater materials white jersey #AM-14 224/400 University of Miami $15

    Portis Clinton 04 playoff Prestige Turning Pro dual jersey dark Broncos and orange U of Miami 21/225 $25

    Portis Clinton 2002 Bowmans Best jersey RC $25

    I like your Carew dual auto

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    i have these FT

    02 leaf rc and stars clinton portis-freshamn orientation-GU jersey/blue #erd /250
    03 fleer mystique clinton portis/travis henery/william green-rare finds-portis jersey #erd 223/299
    03 fleer mystique clinton portis/travis henery/william triple jersey #erd 115/150 a different shades of white
    04 Flair jeremy shockey-hot numbers-GU PATCH-3 colors w/ some kinda of lettering!!!! #erd 40/80
    04 press pass vince wilfork autograph-blue ink #erd 14/200
    04 SPA vince wilfork RC/autograph #erd
    02 playoff prestige-santana moss-sophmore signatures-autograph

    i like your dual auto of rod/harmon and your tmac auto..look over my site for more caines..also have a

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    Sry dont need any of those...

    theucanes-thanks for the comment

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    02 exclusive auto
    02 ress pass jsy
    04 reflection jsy/21

    others listed in my link in sig

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    iced cards-what does the exclusive auto look like?

    flyshyts-i didnt see any portis or moss autos?

    im only looking for autos

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