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Thread: went on a spree in my LCS

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    went on a spree in my LCS

    went to my LCS to grab some cards that were left there for me.

    and you know how this story (always) ends

    ended up breaking the following:

    2x 11-12 Ultimate Collection
    1x 11-12 SPGU
    2x 12-13 ITG Heroes&Prospects
    1x 11-12 Contenders (almost a box)

    pretty good results, but take a look for yourself...

    first off were the 2 11-12 Ultimate Collection:

    solid start.

    I followed this with the box 11-12 SPGU

    a lot of numbered stuff: hotbox (?)

    next up


    still missing an AU

    I thought thats it, but 1 Pack was left


    out came

    what ?! crazy box...

    I was on fire and ripped open two boxes of 12-13 H&P

    cool product

    wait a second, there were 3 more cards

    and two mor gold GU /10

    a nice Quad

    and this crazy patch

    while checking out, there was an already open box of contenders looking at me:

    crazy day

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    Sick stuff Marko!

    If the Hudon and Bozon are available, let me know ;)

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    I need that Datsyuk Jersey /100 from SPGU.

    BTW, crazy breaks! Nice stuff.

    LMK if a trade is possible.



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    Very sick break!!! that jimmy and datsyuk are nice along with that Igor Larionov auto!

    Nice stuff

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    That's prob the best 11-12 spgu box I've seen!

    Shoot me a PM on the Strome. Interested card having sered 5 years at two different home hardwares lol

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    Hey, what are you looking to get for the H&P quad gold? Shoot me a PM with a price please.

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    I guess this is the equivalent to being "in the zone" for a boxbreaker :)

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    Sweet breaks! Three above-average Calder Contender autos, and loaded SPGU and H&P boxes!

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    Nice break, shoot me a PM for the SPGU Leblanc, thanks.

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