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    Habs Ink pc mailday (seeing double)

    Recently did a little firesale to fund some items for my Vinny Damphousse pc and now wanted to show the result here and thank everyone who bought from me.

    Although /50 these duals are rarely made available and when so, are really expensive for some reason (anywhere around 300 each). Those who work on this set know what I mean.

    I could have bought a Crosby, Lemieux, Gretzky and Howe auto for what I spent on this but oh well.....

    Already had Vinny´s single Habs Ink so now I just need the triple /15 Damphousse/Koivu/Muller which (if I ever see one) I fear may well be the most expensive card I ever buy.

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    These are truly incredible. That entire set is so gorgeous, probably one of the finest sets of all time.

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    Crazy duals! Great pickups
    1- P.K Subban - Vlad Guerrero (Expos)
    2- Montreal Canadiens Centennial auto'd (current count: 125)
    3- Brian Gionta 10-11 Panini Certified Mirror Emerald, Black and Big men jersey auto
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    Outstanding cards! I love that set! That Damphousse Koivu card is crazy!

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    Magnificent! Great additions for the PC - best product ever!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
    Hidden Content Hidden Content ! 236 Unique Cards + 13 1/1's!!!

    2017-18 Habs Collections: Carey Price, Shea Weber, Max Pacioretty, and Jonathan Drouin

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    Thanks, really appreciate your comments. I´m very happy to have these off my list and in my collection.

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    That's very special when you get two cards like that. Congrats!

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