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    ITG coming to Mt. Clemens (Michigan)

    From the ITG newsletter:

    In The Game is proud to announce that in conjunction with the February 28 release of Motown Madness we will be participating in the Gibraltar Trade Show in Mt. Clemens on March 2 and 3rd.
    Collectors attending the show will be able to participate in our Redemption Program. We will only be redeeming Motown Madness.

    Collectors opening this product at our booth will receive a game-used memorabilia card stamped especially for the Gibraltar Trade Show in Mt. Clemens.
    Gibraltar Trade Center North, Inc.
    237 North River Rd.

    Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

    Already have 2 boxes pre-oredered from the the LCS, guess I'll pick them up and hold them a couple extra days and take them to the Gibralter show. Now I really can't wait for the release to come!!!!!!

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    Have fun guys. If you see any Ranford nameplates being pulled.... You know where to find me :)
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    although I could care less about the Motown Madness, maybe, just maybe, this will bring in some hockey dealers???

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    This used to be one of the greatest regional shows in the hobby.

    We are hoping that our attendance will bring back some interest.

    Hopefully, there will some hockey wax dealers there.

    Brian Price

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    It's about time something came along to make this show interesting again. The last few I've been too weren't that great from a hockey-only collector's perspective.

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    i will be there for sure. there are only three wax dealers there. Hopefully they order a lot of this stuff. If there isnt wax available all weekend it would be a shame

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    MQ13 and I will (probably) be there, barring any unfortunate circumstances. This is gonna be awesome, thanks Dr. Price!

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    Exciting news about Motown Madness on my blog.

    Check it out.

    Brian Price

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