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    Tim Thomas Traded To The New York Islanders

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    Is this going to cut into DiPietro's playing time? lol

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    Is he still shoveling snow instead of playing? Does he have to report this year? I didn't read the article.

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    The trade is Tim Thomas for a conditional 2nd round pick. If Thomas reports, Boston gets the pick. Its not a bad move to eat cap space for the Isles.
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    Cap room for Bruins to sign....Iginla? Kinda sad Thomas flaked out on the Bruin's though,he was a game stealer and spectacular in the Cup winning play-off run.
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    Best goalie move the Islanders have made in a long time. That's the sad part.

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    Just another cap loophole. Good thing we had a 3 month lockout to prevent these kind of things

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    It is a CAP room thing, but the Isles were already over the cap floor, so without drinking too much of Garth Snows kool aid, it might be a move to unload Visnovsky and/or Streit contracts before the trade deadline and still be above the cap floor. Also for us loyal fans a chance to finally unload the DP contract without having to sign some 4th liner on a contract for 4-5 million.

    Right now for me it sure looks like CAP munipulation, and I challenge Snow to prove me wrong with a deal in the near future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flowerin09 View Post
    Just another cap loophole. Good thing we had a 3 month lockout to prevent these kind of things
    This is a case of one player acting like a tool and two teams using that to benefit. This isn't front loaded contracts. I don't see this becoming a normal thing. If you wanna be mad at anyone, be mad at Thomas for not reporting to the Isles (heard on TSN)

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