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    Anyone else collect round 5/Ultimate collector figures?

    I just started a few months ago.Here's what I have so far. I have several Diego Sanchez figures.

    Anyone interested in trading? I also have a few Ultimate Micro fighters (not pictured in bucket)

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    You'll like these few pics:

    Have all the figs since Series 1 and haven't taken pics of the new series. I do have extras from that series though of the LE Condit (WEC CE version) /1500, Royce HOF Edition /500, Couture HOF Edition /500 and Bang Ludwig Autographed Edition /750.

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    @nomercy--That's the sickest collection I've seen so far.I hope to get mine that large one day

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    I just have 2 of them that I bought at the store back in 2009. Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. Had no idea what they were back then and they are still sitting in the closet in the boxes still.


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    nomercy, you should open them all and put them into an awesome display ;D

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    Hey Djarum, Let me know if you want to sell or trade the Liddell and Couture figures..I have MMA cards,MMA autographs and boxing autographs I'd be willing to trade.If you don't want to sell or trade those, it's cool, I just thought I'd ask. here are links to some of my stuff:

    Boxing autographs:

    MMA autographs:

    MMA cards:

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    I also have a couple actual event posters from SF Fedor/Henderson (non-autographed)

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    Thank you Chargerchris. I've been collecting MMA autographs for roughly 5 years now.

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