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    Newest mail in, including a completed rainbow after 9 years!!!

    Lots of great stuff in as of late...hopefully one of my threads in the near future will have THE cornerstone of my PC...we shall see...

    To start, this is available, it is the Fall Expo version /5.

    Here on out is all PC.

    First, I LOVE these OPC Rainbow cards from 06-07 and I like Booth, and it came from a seller that I bought a lot from (Murray came from him as well), so it all made sense.

    Next, again from the same seller, an auto you don't see too often, a very under-rated player in my opinion.

    Also from the same seller...I am starting to pick up select Geoffrion stuff again, hahaha.

    Next, a Hawks pickup, again from the same seller...nice timing too, he has quickly becomes one of my favorite Hawks, always gives 100%.

    Next, some pickups for my girlfriend's PC. The Staal is a bit disappointing because it is damaged VERY badly. Seller sent in a PWE and used two toploaders taped together to "secure" it, that didn't work...all 4 corners are dinged and there are 2 creases around the swatch as well as a HUGE crease going across the back...hopefully the seller will give me my money back.


    Also for her PC...I am falling in love with these things...have another batch on the way, they are just WAY TOO COOL and cheap too!

    And the biggie of the batch...

    SO COOL.

    Now back to my PC stuff...a couple of Whitmore Ultimate Collection RCs /399...putting me at 33 out of 399. Now have 96 Sabres cards of him...33 Ultimate Collection RCs, 61 Pinnacle RCs, and 2 The Cup Ultimate Collection Printing Plates.

    Next, some Sauve stuff, both The Cup Auto Patches are doubles. The Printing Plate was cheap and came from the same seller as the /47. Also, considering I have the real 1/1 from Black Diamond and I only need the Gold /10 to complete the rainbow, I might as well pick up one of the plates to go with them. Still looking for a 4 color ARP / just went on eBay for $40, cannot justify that much though.

    And to wrap up the mailday, some Lehtonen additions! I have one MONSTER Lehtonen incoming and hopefully 3 more in addition to that one!

    ^One of my favorite insert sets of all-time.

    ^Any player collector can tell you how great these are. I LOVE this. And it is /32.

    ^One of my favorite designs of all-time. Now I just need the Patch to complete the set!

    ^This is INCREDIBLE in person. One of my new favorite Lehtonen's for sure.

    And the reason for the title.

    ANY player collector who's player was a rookie in 2003-04 can tell you how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find these.

    ANY card from a super low-end product like this that is the rare is instantly at the top of a wantlist.

    For me, I have been looking for years, FINALLY in my hands!

    And the completed rainbow, SO beautiful! :')

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    Beautiful complete rainbow! Always love your mailday posts because of the cool variety
    Sucks on the Staal though, hopefully you get a refund.

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    Thank you kind sir! Haha, yeah, always a nice mix it seems...always have some random stuff, Hawks stuff, and some player PC stuff, at least when it's a bigger post, that is. Always fun!

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    The Flair Showcase Hot Numbers inserts are under-appreciated, great looking, limited and pretty tough cards to find. That's one to be proud of!

    Speaking of proud...the 03-04 Topps set was a great set full of many tough chase cards. The Gold Line Parallel cards #/50 almost NEVER surface. The Lehtonen was included in the follow up set and found in 03-04 Topps Rookie & Traded Hockey Hobby boxes. The insert odds in the update boxes are not stated but are probably similar or the same as the stated odds of the original set - the Rookie Redemption Gold Line Parallels #/50 in the original set had odds of being pulled in 1 out of every 9028 packs! From the era when the definition of short-printed was very accurate! Congrats on finding this card and completing that sweet rainbow!

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    I love the classic (and classy) look on that Topps rainbow. I am still looking for one of those gold /50 ones myself. Tough to find them for sure.

    Also agree with the Turgeon comment. If youŽd ask for 500 goal scorers few would name him I think. Great player but there was just so much top level talent in his prime.

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