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    Nez, you ok with it being sent PWE to keep it pretty cheap or you want it in bubble mailer???... I hate to lose money but at least it would be with you, lol...Contenders were $6.00 a pack at the local hobby shop but I will let ya get the auto for $3.00 PWE gift or $4.00 gift bubble

    bubblest - I couldnt find the Emmitt, do u think u can link me please
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    PM replied to, you are in the lead but I am sure to drag my feet letting the Luck outta my possesion, lol

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    I hear it lol please let me know when you can

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    Hey Dan if u still have the mcnutt I will do
    $3 pwe. Lmk or post it up thanks

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    Nino, I posted the deal at $4.00 dlvd via paypal gift after lookig at completed sales, if you are cool with it confirm and send payment, I have already pulled the McNutt and packed it into PWE, if you dont want it at $4.00 just reject the deal no harm no foul...if you confirm the deal I will have it in the mail by noon at the latest EST standard time, THANKS!!!

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    I"ll take a price on 2012 Contenders Deonte Thompson RC auto #236 delivered in a pwe. PMs work the best.

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    bouncer- I can do the 2012 Contenders Deonte Thompson RC auto #236 delivered in a PWE for $.00 dlvd, PLM if that works and I'll post it up and PM my pypal info, I am off from work today so I can get it mailed as soon as I receive payment and you should reveive it pretty fast, PLMK!!!

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    Just thought I would let you know it looks like your charging zero for the Thompson auto.
    Nice hit on the luck. Sweeet.

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