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    2012 Topps Magic Was Good To Me...

    Now that Topps Magic is back in retail outlets, I thought it deserved a break. Always like the product, even if I've never had good luck with it. Wanted to give it a shot this year, so I got a single rack pack from Target this year, not expecting much. I know the retail has been relatively front-loaded thus far with some pretty decent hits, but I was still pretty surprised when this popped out of the third and final pack of the rack!

    Colin Kaepernick Auto!

    Needless to say, pretty thrilled to pull this from retail! Probably my best retail hit thus far. Between the timing and the legitimate talent the kid has shown, I couldn't really ask for much more!
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    Last one sold for $105.00 on the bay. Nice pull for a $5 rack pack!
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    Heck of a nice card. I saw it on the Topps twitter page last week.
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    Nice hit!

    Third Karpernick auto I've seen. Better than three Fleeners :)
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    nice pull. Seems like they put him in a lot of retail in magic. One guys son hit one yesterday and I seen a lot of them on Ebay Makes topps worth buying again lol.
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    great pull!


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    from the checklist it's a SP auto too
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    nice hit but kaep is not a sp auto! there are over 30 on ebay.
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    Great hit on the Kaepernick, sharp looking card!

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    Sweet Kaepernick,haven't seen rackpacks only 2 blasters and I bought both of them,my auto was Ryan Lindley.
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