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Thread: 1 box of 2012 contenders

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    1 box of 2012 contenders

    I was leary about this product then i opened it and im even more unhappy. Either i was shorted a hit or panini is flat out lying with their "2 on card auto on average per box". I received 0 Also it felt like someone was being cute when they packed my box. since i got a qb auto from both the colts and redskins just not the ones that people want, and i got a redemption for a sticker auto . I am sersiouly dissappointed with my results Heres the damage. After panini told me too bad on no RPS all will be for sale
    . Prices will be listed shipping is free

    Rookie ticket autos

    kirk cousins $50
    bryce brown (redemption) $32 code emailed $34 code mailed
    CHandler Jones $11
    Chandler Harnish $6
    Sean Spence $15
    Reiley Reiff Photo Variation (may be a SSP only one on ebay, offers can be made but ill prolly stick it on there)

    Playoff ticket

    Aaron Hernandez 67/99 $4

    MVP Die cuts


    Rookie Stallions

    A.Luck $4.50

    ROY Die cuts

    T.Rich sold

    Legendary Contenders

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  2. Kronozio
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    Check me for the cousins
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    Curious about your Rookie Stallions A Luck.

    Who do you collect? I have some baseball (2011-2012).


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    check me for the cousins or the reiff?
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    panini told me to kick rocks "you no get on card auto" so i can now sell prices have been added

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    I'll give ya $5.50 gift for the Chandler Jones auto.

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