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Thread: WTB in the next hour

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    no thanks..... Unless there are any last min entries I may go with the Henrique

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    Sorry, just sold it for $14 shipped. Best of luck on your search!

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    well how about now? since henrique is out pm me if u wanna work something out

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    Got this
    Players - Selanne, Scheifele, and PRIME COLORS
    Rookie Year - Ehlers, Laine
    Master Want List - Hidden Content
    Bucket - Hidden Content

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    Sorry tangradi is the one Penguin I cant stand and Streit is an Islander now.

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    Doesnt have to be depending what it is. I try not to add no name players or rookies from low end sets. Clutters things up.

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    These two for 15$ (17.95 shipped in bubble mailer)



    Always looking to trade and sell! Photobucket- Hidden Content /yy

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