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    I picked up a Ricky Williams contenders auto a few weeks before he chose to retire. It went from $400 to $20 in no time. And, picked up a high-end Kobe Auto just 2 days before he was accused of rape. Ironically, I traded a Tiger Woods auto for it.
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    The Broncos, and their Contenders cards have a long history of cards that were too expensive......

    Maurice Clarett
    Tom Brandstater
    Ryan Torrain
    Peyton Hillis
    Alphonso Smith
    Willie Middlebrooks

    And there was this QB -- Tebow something or other?

    At least he could, possibly maybe, make something of himself. He's young. The rest? pfffftttt.....

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    Jordan Shipley. I had a jump on a few of his superfractors, including a complete rainbow and - BAM! - there went his knee....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearsfanincltnc View Post
    I unloaded over 500 in sv into my Strata 3-color patch auto of RGIII clear cut, and then he went down the next week in the last playoff game! GOD I hope he comes back and plays like he did!
    Dropped $450 on an RG III Inception Patch AU. No regrets as I needed it for the set, but had a concern about his longevity when I pulled the trigger.
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    Always looking to add to my Giants PC and Inception PC.

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    Cam is fine. His stuff is only dropping because everyone is buying luck and rg3. This is a yearly cycle. Newer stuff sells for more

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