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    Ever bought an exspensive card and the player went down hill way too fast???

    Ever bought an exspensive card and the player went down hill way too fast???

    Mine was topps chrome greg oden when he ws suppose to be great..

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    I picked up a Ricky Williams contenders auto a few weeks before he chose to retire. It went from $400 to $20 in no time. And, picked up a high-end Kobe Auto just 2 days before he was accused of rape. Ironically, I traded a Tiger Woods auto for it.

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    The Broncos, and their Contenders cards have a long history of cards that were too expensive......

    Maurice Clarett
    Tom Brandstater
    Ryan Torrain
    Peyton Hillis
    Alphonso Smith
    Willie Middlebrooks

    And there was this QB -- Tebow something or other?

    At least he could, possibly maybe, make something of himself. He's young. The rest? pfffftttt.....

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    Jordan Shipley. I had a jump on a few of his superfractors, including a complete rainbow and - BAM! - there went his knee....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearsfanincltnc View Post
    I unloaded over 500 in sv into my Strata 3-color patch auto of RGIII clear cut, and then he went down the next week in the last playoff game! GOD I hope he comes back and plays like he did!
    Dropped $450 on an RG III Inception Patch AU. No regrets as I needed it for the set, but had a concern about his longevity when I pulled the trigger.

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    Cam is fine. His stuff is only dropping because everyone is buying luck and rg3. This is a yearly cycle. Newer stuff sells for more

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