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    march copy of beckett for trade

    hey if anyone needs a march copy of beckett i got one i can trade, will take a gameused or auto, maybe a good rc or the money to cover shipping, just post if u need it
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    I have an Iakovos Tskalidis Bazooka Jsy I can give you for it. Will throw in a few inserts too

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    sorry looking for something a little better

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    maybe but still looking for some thing better, maybe like a low end ok auto, if u have anything like that i would take a look

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    nevermind I guess. I will just go buy one.
    By the way, what would it cost you to ship?

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    would do it for like 3 bucks, but hold off on buying ones, if i get no other offer by thursday its urs, lmk if thats cool thanks

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    sure, I can wait a couple days. PM me when you know what you are going to do

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    will do b_ballerjake
    if anyone else wants pm me offers or post them here

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