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    Does anyone else collect Autographed business cards

    I have been collecting sports related business cards fro a while and I was just wondering if anyone else on here does as well.

    My best 2013'ish autographed business card that I have got so far this year is probably Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

    Does anyone else on here collect Autographed business cards?

    If so, maybe we could work out a trade or 2 somewhere down the line. Just something that I enjoy!...

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    I got one from former Cowboy head coach Dave Campo when he signed my pic. You have a good idea since you dont have to supply the item to be signed.

    Good luck!
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    I got one back this week from NA$CAR owner Jack Roush autographed. Has a Cell phone number on it. Thats pretty brave i thought.

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    Got Johnny Pesky business card a while ago.
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    One of my favorite ones that I got in 2012 was a Wade Phillips business card. It was extra cool for me because I am a Texans fan.

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    I have a few. My favorites are probably Mark Shapiro (president of the Indians) and Jon Daniels (GM of the Texas Rangers).

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