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    Atheist America.....the numbers keep growing.

    ^The 5% figure is very conservative....I've seen it as high as 12%....remember that there are MANY people who are indeed atheist but don't like to label themselves as such. (Personally, I truly believe the real number is much higher).

    But either way, let's go with 5%....that's about 16,000,000 Americans.

    In 2005 that number was 1%!

    So, why the rise?

    I believe the Internet has a lot to do with it, just like they showed in the video, social networking such as facebook, youtube, and others like reddit, are filled with "New atheists" ready to challenge religion.

    *Hint*....they basically do what I do.
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    Science doesn't know everything.....Religion doesn't know anything.

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    I would think it is much higher. both of my brothers are atheist, so that is 2 out of 3. 2 of my 3 kids are atheist, so that is 2 out of 3. and 2 out of 7 people I work with are atheist, almost 30%.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    ^Believe it or not I think the most important number isn't the number of atheists in the's the very rapidly number of "non-religious" persons.

    Again, that number they gave (1 out of 5 Americans....20%) is a very conservative number.

    A gallop poll showed the number of non-religious Americans at 32%

    Ask any atheist what bothers them more....religion or god....the answer is almost unanimous.

    We do not hate god, we are not crusaders against him, we simply don't believe he exists.

    However....religion is very real, and it has caused too many problems for us to simply stay quiet.
    Science doesn't know everything.....Religion doesn't know anything.

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    alex,as usual it is not religion nor any god that is the issue,it is certain people within, and the same can be said about atheists.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    Even though I believe in God the way some of these fanatical loons act in his name you can't blame someone for getting turned off to God and religion.
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    One of my best pals is a devout Jew. He thinks that god is not a single being, he thinks the energy of the universe is all encapsulating and is god, so he's pretty much not into theism.

    My Wife is a Jew according to her birth and her people. She's was born a Jew, and speaks fluent Hebrew. She's an atheist for some time now. Of another close friend, one calls himself and agnostic, but that's only because he runs a paranormal group. He thinks christianity, islam, etc are a sham. The other 15 or so real close friends, 90% atheist, 9% agnostic, 1% christian.

    Acquaintances and friends at home in Canada - 97% atheist. More distant friends and acquaintances in the USA - 85 % atheist. Only my dead Mother's friends that are still alive believe in god, and there are only 1 or 2 of them left.

    I have not had one acquaintance or friend in the last 30 years that has ever darkened the door of a church or any other place of worship. I have never met one business customer acquaintance in the last 30 years that have anything to do with religion. Only some of my kids parents whom we've gotten to know believe in god and occasionally attend church.

    There are millions upon millions of people that are areligious, having a viewpoint on whether there is, or isn't a god to somebody that simply does not give a FireTruck about any god, gods or religion is a moot point. It just does not matter enough to them to bother.

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    I thought god was Alanis Morisette?
    "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here". Jack Nicholson
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    I saw this on a story this morning on HLN. It was interesting to see they had atheists at 5%. It would also be interesting to see how many people are simply nonreligious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    I thought god was Alanis Morisette?
    Only to Smithists.

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