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Thread: Friday sale thread

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    Friday sale thread

    All prices include delivery to the U.S. or Canada. I'll also listen to offers.

    Avs' Triple auto - sold

    Thomas Cup jersey /25 - $6

    Trottier FF auto /25 - sold

    Tedency Ice rookie - sold

    Tavares Superlative jersey - $8

    Delvecchio/Lindsay Combos - sold

    Joensuu Cup rookie -sold

    Kurri Ultimate Signatures - $7 each (first one sold)

    Giroux H&P auto - $32

    Bozak BAP rookie - $10

    Larionov Cup Foundations - $10

    Perry Auto Draft - $40

    Ritola Cup Gold - sold

    Stalberg BAP - sold

    Varlamov - sold
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbull86 View Post
    I'll take the Tedenby
    One done, looking to move all of these.

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    I'll take the Avs triple for $8 if you want to post it.
    Thanks to nyr4life for the amazing banner!
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    (Not looking for any multi-player cards)

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    Quote Originally Posted by p8030103 View Post
    I'll take the Avs triple for $8 if you want to post it.
    Sure - I'll post it and drop you a PM.

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    PM sent
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallinator View Post
    PM sent
    Thanks for another easy deal!

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    Let's get the rest of these moved - lots of sales made!

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