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    Mailing Questions

    I found a few very cheap books at garage sales of guys who sign though the mail so i went to post office and told postmaster I need to mail it used to padded manilla envelopes postmaster stamped the Return envelope and metered the other. I just put my address on the SASE as the mailing address with no return address. I got a call for Arizona where the post office had the mail but it was pulled as it weighed over 13oz and no return address this is now considered anomoyous mail (9/11 at work here). They somehow found my home phone number (scary) called an left a message, I called them and confirmed that I was expecting a package like this (so they went ahead and mailed it) which is good didnt lose the book or postage. They said the only way I can do this without it being pulled is get lucky and employess miss it or I have to meter the SASE which my postmaster says you cant, and they said I am not allowed to put the return and mailing address as the same with will classify it as anomoyous mail. I can put work address as return mail, which should work, anyone else mail books in a better less troublesome fashioin.


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    I have used my mailing address and return address on my TTMs for years. This is the first time I have heard about anomoyous mail.
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    yeah i had to read your post twice before I even understood what happened...that its crazy, i've never heard of that happening to someone, thats pretty weird. Maybe because its a little thicker and they thought it was an explosive device or something? I've never sent anything awkwardly shaped out (just cards and 8x10's) but still, thats weird
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    The key is the weight, if it is over 13 oz and it dosent have a return address or its the same return address as the mailing address the postal service considers it anoymous mail. That way you cant put for a say a bomb and ship it to someone and if they refuse it, the return address takes it back anyway. Just courious if anyone shipped books often and the best way to do it. Mailing cards wont trigger the pull due to the weight but mini helmets, balls, books, Can be pulled she also empasized that some facilities pull more than others.

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